So, today was cool…

It was my little sisters 21st birthday, so happy birthday Taija.  You are loved and one of the few people who will always be positive when its good and pissed off when its bad plain and simple with no bullshit.

I went off to A.A. meetings to promote my Life Coach business and discovered its not that easy to do so.  I found one guy that might call me, but I didnt really have anyway to promote.  I just sent for my business cards today.  500 of them.  That should work out great when I have them.  I am going to go to the courthouse after I am certified and see if the Judge will refer clients to me.  Thats a neverending business if any.  People are fucking up a lot here.  And I can help them to not fuck up.

I just realized that a water pipe burst two floors above us and the guys cieling on the 8th collapsed in on him and shit.  No water in our house, but it was crazy taking a shower and having only hot fucken water to rinse my butthole with!!!  LOL

I had a good day.  I bought a new book called “Dianetics”.  It is amazing so far.  I cannot wait to read furthur..

Well, that was my day today.