My feelings about life are so immense and overwhelming that to live day-to-day is easy.  When I think about the moments I have felt, it makes it so much easier to be normal, even though I know that I am extraordinary.  I am focused, for the most part, on fulfilling my dreams.  I have a couple of quirks that can be fixed in no time with the opportunity.  I am set on a path and I LOVE IT!!!  What a husband I will make someday.  I have programmed myself to be the best that I can be, and I am doing it.  I hope everyone can share the feelings I have now someday.  And as well I hope that everyone does what they can to make their lives better in the moment a.s.a.p.  Start now, and finish sooner.

I am not a player…

I am ready to settle down with a woman forever.