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Honestly, being told no when you have purpose is a red flag for you to move on with better things.

I hate that shit…

From now on when people tell me no or don’t listen to what I am saying I am just going to stop talking and continue on focused on my life and my goals.  For far too long have I let people drag me into conversations, or listened to them talk bull shit, and now I don’t want to anymore simply because I don’t have to.

Needless to say, I quit Greenpeace after one day because nobody wants to listen to you ask them for anything on the street.  Especially money.

And as well, I received another write-up at work for not making a meal out of two burritos.  Ridiculous, yes because I have the highest check average at my store and I was on my way to managing again.  Now, I am going to just ask for a green shirt status and focus on my business.

Fuck all the people who are doubting me in any way.  I am over letting them take the part of me that I need to handle my goals in the time that I have to handle them in.  I don’t have time to deal with anything except my dreams.  Those who are part of it are going to always be in my close quarters.  I am now officially fighting for my dreams to come true and nothing is going to stop me.  I have worked too hard to have anything fail on me now, and I will not stand for it.


It’s bullshit.

So if you work and you are being harassed in the state of California apparently there are no ways of getting someone in trouble for their actions.

My boss is constantly degrading his employees by saying derrogatroy things to all of us.  He has us do things that are not “Del Taco” policy.  He shows up late for work on a regular basis.  And yet, speaking to a laywer only brings about an opportunity to get a settlement of some kind for the company not providing the uniform according to state laws.

Even talking to his boss seems to do nothing except log in a compliant as it seems.  Uggh.

All I can do is keep going to work, and get this second job while I hope for the best.  I actually like my job here now.  I got really good at it.  I can sell better than anyone at this store statistically and I like it.  I have a natural gift to sell prouducts.

I hope I can handle this before I get my business started.

Untill then, I am Irish and have good luck…  LOL

First post under this one here…

I feel like, FUCK EVERYONE RIGHT NOW!!!  Seriously…

Yesterday I realized that there is always going to be some FUCK that just wants to get under my skin because they can sense my situation and wanna see me snap!!!  Good for fucking them I say, because they are eventually going to see me do so and become scared in a way or say some stupid shit like. “I was just joking!”, when I know and they know damn well they weren’t…  It just gets to me that I still continue to give people the benefit of the doubt that they will change knowing that karma comes around, and yet I still am forced into situations where I have to sigh, let it go and bottle it up slowly untill it comes out in some positive way that I choose.  What I am saying in addition though, is that it is extremely fucking difficult to repress it long enough.  I do a good job though.

I am not with the woman of my dreams and that is making me want to just kill someone…  To know that the fucking asshole that she is with hasn’t had more than half even of the dreams I have had with her in them and is a fucken player is destroying my seven years of training to be the man she deserves.  Destiny though, eh?!?!?!  Well, good…  Because if it was my choice I would have been dead already.

Fucken punks thinking that they can abuse any kind of power in their own heart is a god damn joke to me…

The thing is that everyone feels right from wrong on every fundamental level that exists and they feel as well that there is consequences, but they fucking deny them and think it wont come around.  Yet, when these FUCKS get into a bind they blame it on something other than their own shortcomings in order to change and try to take it out on somebody instead.  All I know is, it comes back around no matter how long it takes.  Better for me to suck it up now and make great patterns of remorseful healing, rather than wait untill the “after life” and deal with it then.

I hate the god damn reflections that I get being around people who aren’t of my feather in the flock.  Where are the people like me that I can have around who won’t affect me negatively any more???  My feelings tell me that I am strong in order to wait untill what I know comes true.  All of us here now grow stronger and better as a race and someday evolve…  Untill then I have no choice and would have it no other way then to just take it in stride and know I deserve much better than what is in my life right now.  The negative will always be here and I will always change it for everyone, even if it is harder than anyone will ever know.  That’s just for me to know.  All the good I feel in my own time and all the love I put into planning life with the visions I get.  Nice to think though, that it’s the universe doing this and not me though.  Takes the weight off my head and neck and puts it under my feet…