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New job.


What a cool organization.

I am very glad to have received this chance to work for them.  A frontliner is what I am officially called.  I recruit members to donate capital to keep the environmentalism going.  I want to break records with this group here in L.A.  I feel as if I am ready to make a great change in the world.  Wanna help???  Sign up for membership with greenpeace and get into the mix and the know of whats really going on with your future.


Checked into the tax laws today, as well as something else I forgot.  I have been doing a lot the last two days, all while having a cold of some kind.  I am worried that I might have pnemonia (sp) but whatever for now.

Small business isn’t too complicated…

If you know the basics, its all gravy really.  Even corporate is a lot eaiser to understand than people make it out to be hard.  The business can become overly complicated if you want it to be, but it doesn’t have to be.  All it takes is a trust in yourself and your vision to succeed.  As well as the knowledge to back it up.  You can’t do something that you don’t really want to do.

I have all the basics covered for my business already.  I am going to make a business plan for the heck of it even though those are more directed on gaining capitol for your company or small business.  I really don’t want an investor now, or ever really.  It’s way too hard to try and predict something that you really don’t know the outcome of.  It’s only worth going for what you know you can do for sure.  My advice, sell yourself short a little if your looking for investors…  They will always be happy to get a little more than they expected than a little or a lot less.  Don’t ask for so much, just the bare necessities.  The truth will reign through your heart in their consideration of your business plan.

For this business, I don’t ever want more than 20 clients a month…  EVER!!!  I can only take so much of close interaction with people, especially having my goals and aspirations.  I want to be a family man, not a fucken workaholic asshole that is stressed out all the time.  It’s only worth it if you are happy.

Thats about it I suppose.  I will spend the next month making a business plan to file and saving a little money if I can to print some business cards and fliers.  I don’t relly want to advertise too much, like I said, because I can’t have more than 20 clients a month ever.  Gotta have play time.

I need my guitar…  It’s killing me not to play right now.  AGGHHHHHH!!!

Starting my first soon I think.

Business is great.

If you take care of the employees, they will take care of the customers.  That is my number one point.  I am just gonna provide more money for them and take less myself.  And so will the board of my corporations.  That to me is a success guarantee.  Not too mention, have a whole lot of businesses.  Thats where the money is.