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This movie was made to change lives for the better.  Watch and see whats is really going on in our world.


Should I or Shouldn’t I???

I don’t know what to do other than wait untill I make a choice on any matter, but I have to still think of consequences as a result of my actions.  All in all after I weigh the differences, it suits me best to do what I choose.  I know now that I have the best of intentions at everything I do, and I cherish making choices and the waiting game of life.  Waiting to see if what you have worked hard for is going to come true is fun!!!

I love having goals and dreams as well.  But should I or shouldn’t I do things is a question of morality really.  And when the intentions are well, the morality rating can change.  As long as choices are made and agreed upon by all parties I am going to do everything I can to accomplish my goals.  I hope you do too.


I don’t know what my circle is.  I don’t have one that I know of.  I know so many people in so many different places and walks of life, I just don’t feel as if I am in a circle.  But, I guess I am just knowing the people who I know.

I am trying to grow more and realize that I need people more and more.  I really love them.  So different and all amazing in their own ways, they can be the best that life allows if you just give them your all.  And that I will.

The ones who you can’t be around because they don’t share your immediate views are not in your “circle”, but they are a human just the same.  And in that, I feel I am in a circle.  A circle of humans that grow together to the best of their abilities.

Welcome to my circle.


I can’t take it.

I wanna know whats gonna go down.  Alas I have to wait.  I feel like I wanna do everything and don’t know how to go any faster.  I am very gifted and talented.  I can change the world.


How is this measured???

To me it is one being truly happy with whom and what they are among all people, and amidst their own depressions…

If success is measured by fulfilling ones dreams, then I am scared I will never be successful…

If success is measured by how much money you have, then you are an idiot…

Is success is how many people know and like you, I am halfway there but gonna fail because I don’t really like being in the public too much…

If it is having a happy family, I am far from it…,  I don’t even have a girlfriend…

Maybe success is one being truly happy with oneself, fulfilling all ones dreams, having the most money, having the most people know and like you, and having a happy family…

Actually doesn’t sound that bad when it’s all together like that!!!

I’ll drink a shot of water to your success and mine as well.

My Heart…

My heart speaks to me…

I hear my voice tell me things to do.  It has for the last year to say the least provided a way for me to be forever happily engaging in a healthy and prosperous (sp) life.  Tonight it told me to give a guitar player $20 dollars.

Started out with a trip to the local 7-11 to grab a decaff pumpkin spice latte to wind down for the night.  I only took $1.25 and saw a guitar player there and he was good.  I heard him sing a little and decided to go back home and get my checkbook to help him out.  On the way into my apartment building more or less I heard my voice tell me, “Give him a $20.”  I thought, why not…  It wont break the bank and I don’t go against what my heart says without repercussions (sp).  I headed back only to find out that you can only get $10 cash back.  So I go tell him that, if he follows me to the bank to deposit my check, I can help him out.  He says he can’t and is heading the other way.  I say, “Man,  your making me go against my heart doing this but here is $10 then.”  I go deposit my check and then go on a fucken mission knowing that if I don’t find this guy I won’t please the girl of my dreams sexually like I want to…  I know, I am fucking nuts, but I know it was the case.

I head off…

I had seen him walking with a hooker chick when I was heading toward the bank and thought he was her pimp, saw her in my pursuit of the guitar man, and asked her where he went when she says, “He’s over there.”  I look down the road and don’t see him, but continue anyway toward the ATM to get a $20.  The store I find is closed…

I did see him though and go toward him to see if he can walk with me or wait untill I find this $20 that I have to give him to make part of my dream come true and he says, “There go the ATM right there!”  (He’s black.)  I get the $20 for the $2.50 fee and exchange the $10 for the $20 with an amazing end to a huge mission in my life.  MISSION FUCKIN ACCOMPLISHED!!!


If I follow my voice always will my dreams of leading the human race come true???

Just thinking…

Happy families.

So, a happy family.

To me this consists of a husband and wife who have never cheated on each other and who satisfy each other in every way known, as well as children who are not abused in any way and loved more than their parents were.  Just enough money to provide everything everyone wants in the family when no disciplinary actions are in place for mistakes of naggy children, as well as plenty of family activities (not including television or sleeping in the same house, staring at eachother, etc).  Laughter and tears of all kinds at all times needed to grow together, and more family time than work and sleep combined for both parents.

Does this exist???  How did they manage to fufill what they wanted???  Did they have the same drive and motivation that I do???  Did they struggle with the same ins and outs as I do growing to become a partial provider for this existance???


I just got this blog site started.  It looks amazing. 

So I got evicted.  Pffft!!!  Not expected but whatever.  It again was something that happend to me because of someones lies.  All I learned from this was to not be bothered by anyones thoughts of me and or stories, as well as to be more of me than I have ever let show.  I love always being the person to make people laugh, or to always be the one told to quiet down or not to say too much because I always end up showing the other person that to try and block who and how I am is futile.  I can’t change the great parts of myself.  And I won’t.  I hope you all who read this ever know that I really love the vibe in the depth of L.A. here.  It is very free, and bright compared to Reno. 

Don’t give up on your dreams.