Category: What’s my plan???


I have an idea of whats gonna happen.  But to really know whats going to happen would be awesome.  Then again, where is the fun in that.  The road traveled to a destination is just as amazing as the destination itself.

When I meet the girl of my dreams I expect it to go like this.

I will ask her if she has time to talk.  Then ask her if she is still in a relationship.  If the answer is yes, then I will have to tell her that I can’t talk to her anymore because it isn’t right given my intentions.  I want to be with her, and I will not be the cause of a relationship that is healthy being destroyed.  If she says no, then I will talk to her and tell her whatever I can to let her know how much she really means to me.

The way life has been for me, I will most likely meet her at the last possible point in time when it will make the biggest impact on me and make me realize just how perfect all this is.

I can’t say really…

All I know is this, I have morals.  And no matter what my mind thinks or my body feels, I don’t have the ability to go against my heart.  And why would I want to knowing all of the amazing things it has provided and done for me.

Dreaming of her should be enough to get me through anything in the meantime.  And knowing that I did the best I could to avoid conflict of any kind will prove to me again and again that I did the RIGHT thing for me and everyone else.

But, what if I knew?!?!?!  LOL


So I had to get a second job sooner than expected.  But, the Del Taco one isn’t working out as my fulltimer anymore.  LOL  I wanted to wait untill February 22nd, my six month mark but fuck it.  I can handle this sooner…  L.A. is cool for that.  After three months I got it down here.

Work these two jobs, look into my small business over the next three months and really study it through, then execute business plan.  LOL

With my two jobs I should do very well, and with a third thang going in a few months I think it will be very awesome when I go to Ireland.  I’ll have a little money saved up and probably just enough to make it there for a few months without a job.  I’ll just be a life coach there as well.

I don’t think i’ll ever meet Avril Lavigne anyway anymore, not really…

She has a boyfriend and she probably doesn’t live anywhere near or go where I go here.  It’s too big a city, you know.

My plan???  Save the money and go to Ireland alone.  I can’t help someone I wasn’t destined too.  Sad things happen, but dealing with them has alomost become an obsession of mine.  Getting through the depression of life is a thrill for me.  😉

Plannin this stuff…

As of now, 10-14-10

I am not getting enough hours at work.  Back to shift leader I think, with no graveyard shifts.  Stay sober.

I haven’t worked out in three months because of the move.  Buy tower 200 and work out at home five days a week after you have it.

Get my bike shipped to me a.s.a.p.

Buy a guitar.  I haven’t played in almost two months and I am aboout to fucken snap.  Guitar is my medication and I haven’t been taking it your honor.

Go swimming in the ocean.  I have been in L.A. for over a month and still have not swam in the ocean.  I think i’ll do that today.  Yes I will, Santa Monica here I come…

Focus on loving more man…  I gotta get back to my routine and plan for the future without interference.  Slipping hurts me so bad, when I fall… no pad.

Realx…  just breathe and then relax…  ahhhhhh, that’s better.  ..   …    ….