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New job.


What a cool organization.

I am very glad to have received this chance to work for them.  A frontliner is what I am officially called.  I recruit members to donate capital to keep the environmentalism going.  I want to break records with this group here in L.A.  I feel as if I am ready to make a great change in the world.  Wanna help???  Sign up for membership with greenpeace and get into the mix and the know of whats really going on with your future.


Lots going on.

I have a job at Del Taco working around 35 hours a week, scheduled 40 though.  I have a pending employment opportunity with Best Buy that I don’t wanna wait for, nonetheless I have worked for it vivaciously.  I am going to an interview with Green Peace this afternoon for a full-time 5 days a week job.  I am getting my business up and running soon.  And I also have a lawyer for a case against Del Taco at the moment.  I also have a cold that I am working on getting rid of, laundry to do, studying for my business, as well as excercise to handle tonight.  Wow, eh?!?!?!  Not that much compared to some people I suppose, but I feel productive today like no other!!!  LOL

I feel like I am gonna fail.

I have to get another job and as well get my business up and running.  I need about another month and a half in order to do both of these.  I also have to save at least $3000 in order to be able to leave to Ireland in 2012.  I just feel as if my dreams wont come true and I will die in this horrible place L.A.  LOL

Even though its not so bad, I wonder why I actually moved here.  I just don’t see how I would ever run into my dream girl at all.  I had about six dreams about her since I have been here alone.  It’s killing me.

She is with someone who will cheat on her if he hasn’t already and I will never kiss her smile.  Trying to let go of dreams in order to survive is a horrible feeling.  I hope you wont.  Really, I still wish that I could meet her somewhere here and tell her everything…  Fat chance of that happening though.  L.A. is so big there is just no way i’ll ever see her.  I just have to focus on my business and working these two jobs while saving the money to move.  I don’t wanna be here when the Big One hits the Pacific.  And I wont.

Making even 2.2 trillion in life without a family to me is failing.  I feel like I am going to fail…

Checked into the tax laws today, as well as something else I forgot.  I have been doing a lot the last two days, all while having a cold of some kind.  I am worried that I might have pnemonia (sp) but whatever for now.

Small business isn’t too complicated…

If you know the basics, its all gravy really.  Even corporate is a lot eaiser to understand than people make it out to be hard.  The business can become overly complicated if you want it to be, but it doesn’t have to be.  All it takes is a trust in yourself and your vision to succeed.  As well as the knowledge to back it up.  You can’t do something that you don’t really want to do.

I have all the basics covered for my business already.  I am going to make a business plan for the heck of it even though those are more directed on gaining capitol for your company or small business.  I really don’t want an investor now, or ever really.  It’s way too hard to try and predict something that you really don’t know the outcome of.  It’s only worth going for what you know you can do for sure.  My advice, sell yourself short a little if your looking for investors…  They will always be happy to get a little more than they expected than a little or a lot less.  Don’t ask for so much, just the bare necessities.  The truth will reign through your heart in their consideration of your business plan.

For this business, I don’t ever want more than 20 clients a month…  EVER!!!  I can only take so much of close interaction with people, especially having my goals and aspirations.  I want to be a family man, not a fucken workaholic asshole that is stressed out all the time.  It’s only worth it if you are happy.

Thats about it I suppose.  I will spend the next month making a business plan to file and saving a little money if I can to print some business cards and fliers.  I don’t relly want to advertise too much, like I said, because I can’t have more than 20 clients a month ever.  Gotta have play time.

I need my guitar…  It’s killing me not to play right now.  AGGHHHHHH!!!

So I had to get a second job sooner than expected.  But, the Del Taco one isn’t working out as my fulltimer anymore.  LOL  I wanted to wait untill February 22nd, my six month mark but fuck it.  I can handle this sooner…  L.A. is cool for that.  After three months I got it down here.

Work these two jobs, look into my small business over the next three months and really study it through, then execute business plan.  LOL

With my two jobs I should do very well, and with a third thang going in a few months I think it will be very awesome when I go to Ireland.  I’ll have a little money saved up and probably just enough to make it there for a few months without a job.  I’ll just be a life coach there as well.

I don’t think i’ll ever meet Avril Lavigne anyway anymore, not really…

She has a boyfriend and she probably doesn’t live anywhere near or go where I go here.  It’s too big a city, you know.

My plan???  Save the money and go to Ireland alone.  I can’t help someone I wasn’t destined too.  Sad things happen, but dealing with them has alomost become an obsession of mine.  Getting through the depression of life is a thrill for me.  😉

It’s bullshit.

So if you work and you are being harassed in the state of California apparently there are no ways of getting someone in trouble for their actions.

My boss is constantly degrading his employees by saying derrogatroy things to all of us.  He has us do things that are not “Del Taco” policy.  He shows up late for work on a regular basis.  And yet, speaking to a laywer only brings about an opportunity to get a settlement of some kind for the company not providing the uniform according to state laws.

Even talking to his boss seems to do nothing except log in a compliant as it seems.  Uggh.

All I can do is keep going to work, and get this second job while I hope for the best.  I actually like my job here now.  I got really good at it.  I can sell better than anyone at this store statistically and I like it.  I have a natural gift to sell prouducts.

I hope I can handle this before I get my business started.

Untill then, I am Irish and have good luck…  LOL

Starting my first soon I think.

Business is great.

If you take care of the employees, they will take care of the customers.  That is my number one point.  I am just gonna provide more money for them and take less myself.  And so will the board of my corporations.  That to me is a success guarantee.  Not too mention, have a whole lot of businesses.  Thats where the money is.

Small business is great if you have people that you trust around that you can use for a mutual gain.  But, thats a long shot.  Better just to do it yourself.

Even corporate owners put too much trust into their fellows and get the full draft shaft.  I could totally see that happening to me someday.  Heh heh, the wife uses everyone I know to take everything away and leave me with nothing for someone else.  Pfffft!!!

Id either kill em, or just be like so what and leave.

Either way, i’ve only lost in life for the most part and wouldn’t care too much.  It’d suck, but life goes on.

People don’t want to be managed…  Thats a problem.  They go to work and aren’t happy.  So they give attitude.  Too bad, eh???  Maybe if they were aware that they were being taken care of, they would be nicer to the bosses.

You’ll never stop bitching and backstabbing, thats for sure.  Always gonna happen even if you think like I do.  Give it all away except a small amount, and hope they understand…  But they wont.

Human nature is.  And the nature is that we are self sufficant.  Too bad, all alone most of us would fail miserably.  What an entity the human race is as a whole.  So beautiful and filled with so much potential, yet just wasting itself away due to products it uses.

All I can say is fuck it…

Try your best and know that you are doing the best that you can.  Respect the fact that you know everyone else tries their best at any given point even if it’s not your best, and they improve.  It works…

Just live on being as strong as you are and fuck the people trying to hold you back up any way you can.  Unless it’s with negative intent.  That’s bad…

Work hard on you, and business will take a close second.  Make sure “you” includes only what makes you happy.  Let everything fall into place.  For my business to succeed, I need Avril to be happy with me and my actions (if I ever meet her even).  That will take care of my “you”.  As I said, as long as you are taken care of, everything else will fall into place beautifully.  Every day will be brighter and every night darker…

Business can provide the means for dreams…  Just don’t let it take you over.  Your meant for love, not for abuse…

L8er Sk8er

My day off.

So it is my day off.  One of two during the week, but Sundays are my real day off in my mind.  It is the only day that when I have a family and business to run, that I want to sleep in and then just help with my wife to handle the day.  All the other days, I want to work my ass off as much as possible.

Of course I will always love to sleep in a little on Sundays…  But there is nothing wrong with that at all.

I hope you see the light in the dark as I do.  A day off is a blessing even when you work the entire time, because you are still living another day in this life to experience, learn, and grow.  Have a good next one.


How is this measured???

To me it is one being truly happy with whom and what they are among all people, and amidst their own depressions…

If success is measured by fulfilling ones dreams, then I am scared I will never be successful…

If success is measured by how much money you have, then you are an idiot…

Is success is how many people know and like you, I am halfway there but gonna fail because I don’t really like being in the public too much…

If it is having a happy family, I am far from it…,  I don’t even have a girlfriend…

Maybe success is one being truly happy with oneself, fulfilling all ones dreams, having the most money, having the most people know and like you, and having a happy family…

Actually doesn’t sound that bad when it’s all together like that!!!

I’ll drink a shot of water to your success and mine as well.